Visual Effects Artist: Chris Cameron


Going boldly, here’s a post on a guest artist who just happens to be my oldest son! He’s a freelance visual effects artist mostly specializing in Star Trek related effects and spin-offs. His effects work has been appreciated and enjoyed both in Canada and the U.S.A. and he’s worked with a colleague from Portugal on a Star Trek online game. Chris has had a long-time contract with Project Potemkin  series of Georgia, USA providing visual effects for their Star Trek fan series. Another long term friendship with Chris Kroznuski of Burning Earth Productions has turned up some interesting projects.  More recently he has also been working with another fan-based production  called Star Trek Reliant from Newfoundland, Canada. These productions are showed at Sci-Fi conventions like Treklanta. His effects have generated applause and excitement by viewers both young and young at heart!

Chris was always a huge Star trek and science fiction fan since as far back as I can remember. His first adventures were in writing his own series called Captain Heroic and Gemini where he drafted the help of his younger brother and sister.  Back then he started with  online software known as Anim8or and later with the help of an Aunt and Uncle supplying him with a 300 dollar program called Animation Master he was able to make significant strides to the stars!  Today he mostly uses 3D Studio Max and After Effects  sometimes reverting to his old friend Animation master to create such things as a recent retro robot.


One of his greatest likes, he says, is compositing!  That’s where the real and imagined are combined in a shot. It’s where digitally created shots are mixed with real ones. Here’s another sample:


Chris says regarding his passion, ” I like the different challenging shots.  I like to see myself getting better and better the more I do it.”

Chris has worked at his current other job for nearly 8 years but still it’s a challenge to provide the best effects with changing and updating software and equipment.  It’s costly! He likes to give these fan groups a break and doesn’t charge but only asks from fans if they wish to donate they may do so.  Every five bucks counts, he says.

Here’s a link if you wish to donate and support fan based science fiction.

Chris’ other science fiction likes include , of course the Star Trek franchise, Stargate, Firefly and he really appreciates the work of Chris Nolan and his use of practical special effects and not only computer generated ones.  O and I can’t forget his loyalty to Batman.

Here are a few more shots of his work. Sometimes for the sake of speed, he uses pre-made models and modifies them.  Visit his website at and be sure to check out his demo reel. Some reel cool stuff there!