The Value of Art

Avonport Covered Bridge, Kevin Cameron , Acrylic

Avonport Covered Bridge, Kevin Cameron , Acrylic

Create your Unique Value Proposition!

That’s what they say.

Sometimes it’s called your unique selling proposition.

How does it relate to selling your art?

A UVP is a clear statement of how you or your art will benefit the customer and how your art will ”  solve your customer’s needs and … distinguishes you from the competition.”

One of my problems with owning business jargon in relation to art is that the art can become secondary. A redefinition of what art is arises from this process.

After all, the true value of art is something difficult to measure in terms of money.  Why do some paintings cost a million dollars while other, very good art, sell for only a few hundred bucks?

This is a hard question to answer and often has more to do with current culture, investment, history, branding and so forth. Picasso, for example, is a name (brand) so tied to the art world of high dollar investment that even student copies of his work can sell for thousands of dollars.

I admit.  I am no expert but I’m not naive either. Only when it comes to junk food.

Let me put it this way:  What would be more valuable to you? Discovering an old painting in your grandmother’s attic ,which she did of you years ago, or finding a Gustav Klimt  piece?

So, the true value of some art (paintings for example) can’t be measured in dollars because it’s personal, has history,tells your story and exposes a naked truth. Value Perception must be based on real value.

I think the days of manipulating perception ( the ‘bad car salesman’ cliche ) are coming to an end. Trying to trick people into buying your art is not going to work nor will it make you a better person. Tripping over folks just to get to the almighty dollar is one of the lowest things you can do.

However you can add value to works  by being honest, for one thing. Did the work really mean something to you or were you just copying a photo, so to speak?

 Once when I had my own small home gallery, an artist suggested I mark *sold* on a few pieces just to encourage the others to sell.  I thought that was awful.  I wouldn’t want it done to me so why do it to someone else?

Honesty is one of the best ingredients in producing value.  If it (the art) means nothing to you then how will it mean something to someone else?

Be honest in your art.  Tell your story/your truth not someone else’s.

Have a creative day and thanks for stopping by!


The meaning of life

Well no, the ‘Meaning of Art’ perhaps.  The title was just to get your attention.

Recently I Googled “no really, what is the best way to sell art” or something like that.  The idea of someone owning my art fascinates me. At times I pursue the problem of selling art with the list approach much like one does when they prepare to go fishing.  Do you have bait? Yes.  Check.  Do you have the fishing line? Yes. Check .  And so on.

There are a myriad of suggestions and no shortage of advice from the experts that will help you sell your work.

For example, “stand up and don’t sit down” while selling your art. “Use the colour red in the painting.”  “Paint with oil paints instead of watercolour because they sell better.”  So the list goes on.  It’s a left brain world where mortgages and rent come every 30 days so I have to paint and sell my quota in order to survive ( or so the story goes)  and yet…yet, the real moment of romance comes when the person viewing your art simply likes it.  They like it because it excites them or moves them in some metaphysical way that goes beyond explanation.  It was most likely the painting in which you too felt no less ecstatic while creating it.  In some way beyond our understanding the soul that you breathed into your work now possesses that person enjoying your art.

Is it possible that people will buy your work even if you don’t like the subject?

The wonderful thing about the world we live in is that anything is possible.  It does happen.  The same way in which the ordinary, unskilled person may perform an emergency, life saving operation and yet not really proceed to acquire the title of Doctor.

I named my post dishonestly to get your attention.  However you likely sensed soon that I was joking or being light-hearted about it.  You forgave my dishonesty.  I don’t think we forgive dishonest artists who want to be taken seriously.

The one thing any artist needs above technique or posturing, etc is to ( drum roll) like what they do!  I for one am going to review not my selling skills but my Honesty. Honesty, Integrety and Truth. These three are one.

I think connecting with people via any art form is most effective when the art,the thing created, came from some deeper place inside you. It’s the very essense of art. Like they say (generally) a baby will be born when the baby decides!  Not when the nurse , doctor or some convenient hour of the day should decide.  Yes there is labour involved. Practise, practise, practise. Think, think ,think. When that painting arrives it will come almost unstoppable as if all the stars, galaxies and suns have clicked into place and time like a great cosmic, cogged machine.  It will possess you!  These , in my experience, are the works of art that seem to connect most with people.  It’s happened to me in a small way and to many other artists as well.

For me I’m going to throw away for now that bullwhipped idea of focus and rather concentrate more on discovery.  I want to know what I like the most.  To fall in love with it over and over again.

Here are some thoughts and questions I hope to consider in the pursuit of my true art.  If you have any suggestions or ideas then by all means feel free to post.

It is possible to like more than one subject or medium and that is okay.

Generally one form of artistic/creative medium will be predominate –  the thing you become most known for.

If you’re not happy/satisfied with something it could be your ‘gut’ (creative instincts) telling you something is wrong.  Listen to your subconscious and then consciously and objectively try to find out what that is. eg. I started getting bored of 2D and then decided to experiment with 3D/prop -like art.

The thing your best at may be what you like the most.

Any ideas on discovering the art or medium you love the most….?