Painting up a storm!


March Storm by A.Y.Jackson


There’s an approaching winter storm/blizzard on the east coast of North America.  It will hit us here soon in Nova Scotia. Often when there’s a big storm brewing I think of the Canadian painting by one of the Group of Seven called March Storm ( by A. Y. Jackson).

There’s another storm painting by Arthur Lismer based on the same area of Georgian Bay called September Gale.  In both of these paintings you can almost feel the  influence of nature’s power.

I can’t recall ever trying to paint a stormy weather scene. Most of mine are calm and serene.  Maybe it’s from living so near the water most of my life and witnessing the might of the Atlantic Ocean as it throws itself against the rocks and shores. It makes me appreciate the still moments. Oh and by the way.  If you’re anywhere near the shore during this attack of nature, don’t trade your life for a mere selfie.  It’s not worth the risk.

Perhaps, if the electricity/ power should go out and we still have good light I might just attempt to “paint up a storm”.  Have a safe one!  Thanks for visiting.

September Gale by Arthur Lismer

September Gale by Arthur Lismer




Red …what?!




I’ve added three new images to RedBubble.  These are all from paintings I’ve done based on places in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Just click on them and it will take you right to the link…hopefully, :^) Thanks for visiting and I have something new to post soon.  Enjoy!

Pam Black Art

You haven’t heard from me much in January due to the loss of my computer. It’s tough bumming everyone else’s computer to check your email, etc.  So I’m happy to report I’m back with a better desktop and back to writing.

From time to time I’d like to showcase the work of artists that I know.  Today I’d like to share with you:


Pam is a dear friend who I met a long time  ago and have just in the past few years caught up with again.  As it says on her website she

” enjoys working on wildlife paintings in her studio-with her yellow Lab by her side -surrounded by nature in her country home.”

She’s a gifted and perseverant  Canadian artist.  If you are familiar with Canada you will know that it has some of the most beautiful landscapes and ocean scenes in the world. It is also home to many of Nature’s most beautiful wildlife.

Much of this beauty is portrayed in Pam’s pastel work.  Vivid colours and striking textural detail make her work a pleasure to view.  Let me show you some examples:

The painting above is a new one from Pam called “Left Behind”


In the detail above from an (to-date) unfinished work you can see her wonderful ability to make you feel the texture of the fur. Here are some more samples below.


Pam Black has prints of her work which you can purchase by contacting her at her website. These are quality limited edition Artist Proofs handpicked by the artist.  One of those prints is of the painting “Evening Watch” (24.5 x 30.75) as you can see  here.

Lone wolf in the evening