Grow Your Art

Acrylic by Kevin Cameron

Acrylic by Kevin Cameron

Artistic skill, like anything else, has to be tended or grown.

Very few, there be, prodigies that have all their skills honed so close to the starting line.

I’m from Nova Scotia.  Nova Scotia is this small piece of land with a unique and distinct geographic shape.  It’s basically plunk, smack in the middle of the ocean.

Well it’s not really in the middle of the ocean but it sounds better for dramatic effect.

Nova Scotia as seen on a globe reveals itself to be naturally a fishing community since most of it is accessible to the Atlantic Ocean.

What may come as a surprise is that it has quite a rich history in various forms of farming.

We grow cattle, chickens,grapes, veggies, dairy,apples, peaches,cabbage, and many more wholesome foods. My grandfather on my Dad’s side had his own small farm with sheep , pigs, chickens, a cow or two, barn ,sheds and a couple tractors,etc. farming actually rivals even fishing according to statistics.

My Brother in Law on the South Shore had his own farm as well as running greenhouses.  Currently I live on one of NS’s largest orchard farms.

Hennigar's Apples

You get the idea.  The concept of growth is all around us. Artistic skill is not something that comes overnight.  There may be a predilection for art early but without practice, some discipline and /or training of that skill may not get developed as well, in the traditional sense.

Also , I believe Art mirrors personal Development!

It’s not just about learning value or perspective it’s about developing you, your style and your passion.

In order to get good at any skill you have to immerse yourself in the essence of it. Like farming, you have to get your hands, arms , etc dirty! It’s the only way to start out small with a seed of talent and then water and nurture it until it produces fruit.

Farming and Art, Growing-a-living-thing and developing a talent in art are all very similar. As my Brother-in-law farmer recently commented, “ I am , in essence , an artist of the ground.”

So too, you dear Artist, are you grounded and growing in your skill? Are you and I developing who we are and what we want to say to the world with our art?

Thanks for visiting my little plot of cyber-land…come back again!

Way Back Wednesday-Farm Family Day 2007

Me and My daughter

My Daughter and I outside the Farm Market

October is the time that everyone takes note of in an agricultural/farming community.  The farmer keeps busy pretty much all year long but the rest of us really see the results in the Fall or Autumn.

In a way it’s like a painter who works up dozens of  paintings in his/her studio and then exhibit them all at once in an art show.

These photos were taken in early summer of 2007 for a Family Farm day at Hennigar’s Farm, Nova Scotia.

I was invited for the day to draw caricatures (Cartoonitures) and I remember having some interesting chats with the people I sketched.


That’s my look-back for Way Back Wednesday.  Over 8 years ago!