O Christmas Tree

trailerhouse1In the last post I promised to give you a quick tree craft for decorating purposes.  This arose from my need to create small trees for my glitter houses and especially for the tree-yard trailer model that I built which you can see above.

All that you will need for this is listed here:

Black Bristol board.  Scissors. Stapler ( not really necessary). Hot glue gun. Inexpensive dollar-store garland. Marker

.GHsupplies  GHcone

For a smaller tree ,first fold the bristol board in half along it’s shortest width. Second draw a semi-circular shape that will fold into a cone (see above). I’ve drawn the cone shape in white chalk so you can see it. A black marker will do and you won’t have any white lines showing through the ‘branches’.

Using the scissors cut out the shape you drew. Roll it up into a cone shape such that the base of the tree is as flat as possible ( so it will stand properly ).  Use a stapler to secure it as a cone shape and hold it ready to be glued.  Next glue along the seam.  Hint.  I use a pen or something to press onto objects being glued so I don’t burn my little fingy’s.

Start at the top and tack the end of the garland on with some hot glue. Wrap the garland tight around the cone gluing here and there as you wind your way to the bottom.  Honestly this is an affordable way to make a decorative tree which will basically cost you only a few dollars a piece, if that.

Always use cold lights- low watt LED’s for lighting around cardboard.

Someone googled and visited my last post asking why does their paint “flake” on cardboard.  The only answer I can think of is that the cardboard may be coated with a waxy or oily finish.  Use cardboard that does not have a water resistant finish or you can try painting ( or spraying) it with an acrylic sealer first.


The finished tree with some decorating hints below.


Last, I will leave you with a bonus photo of another glitter house/church that I built from cardboard.  Not sure if I will post anymore until after Christmas so I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and  a safe holiday.  For those of you who don’t celebrate this particular season I hope you will have a safe and good time with your family and friends!

Merry Christmas!