10 Years After…but who’s counting!

Can you honestly go back to doing something you love even if you haven’t done it for years?

The short answer is , Yes, I think so.

I used to do live (and studio) caricature work for fun (and extra income) years ago while holding down a full-time job. I used to hit the malls or go to local events like school graduations, farm markets, etc.

The gallery below is from 2005. I believe, as memory doesn’t serve, that the last live event I did was in 2007.

Fast Forward 10 Years Later.

Over the years I developed some farsightedness that makes it difficult for me to focus on what is only a foot or two away (about the distance from my eyes to my drawing board.) Caricaturing means being able to see nuanced expressions in detail of a person’s face at about 4 feet away and then taking that mental snapshot and putting it on paper (about a foot away). Of course glasses can correct that,etc.

Also as malls and public places seemed to be giving way to online meet-ups it seemed harder to get places that were live events.

Then some insurance issues began to crop up where a shopping mall would have to ‘hire’ me under their insurance (I guess in case erasure dust or flying pencil lead might harm someone. “keep getting your caricature done, sonny, and you’ll go blind!”)

Weather for doing outside events is always ‘iffy’ with or without a tent. Since I live in the Canadian Maritimes it means weather can change almost instantly. It’s no joke and the saying goes here, “if you don’t like the weather then wait a half an hour..” We’ve been dealing with climate change on a micro level since Noah’s Ark!

Overall the pattern – the one I perceived- seemed to be on the downward trend. So I kinda gave up for 10 years!

I kept doing caricatures in my studio at home but gave up on live ones.

Then through a local business and personal development outfit I was encouraged to dust off (that lethal erasure dust) my drawing board and give it a try. I didn’t even know if I still had it in me to draw more than a stick figure. Honestly, the demons we create!

Here are some more older pics

I am , I know  not the best caricaturist out there..well, I am the best…ahem…within a one kilometer radius for sure. At least I think so.

Anyway enough trying-to-be-funny.

Never Give Up…Never Surrender.

Although sometimes it is necessary to give something up, the general rule of thumb is if it’s something you love to do then it’s best to push yourself and at least try. I had forgotten how it felt to make someone’s day just a little better and put a smile on someone’s face. For example,one young man walked away with his finished toon repeating …”that’s awesome..that’s so awesome…”. I mean it wasn’t that great but it sure made him feel great!  And that’s the point isn’t it.

Here’s some photos of the day…Ten Years After !



By the way, I did have to use some dollar store reading glasses to help me check for detail just before finishing each caricature.

I do have a caricature facebook page or you can follow my artistic shenanigans here at my regular facebook page Kevin Cameron Art

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Multicultural Art Fair 2017

Every artist made a sale and connections with the public I was told. The painting you see above is one of ‘mine’ and it sold as well! There’s a small story to that. It was displayed on my table which was being manned  or rather, womanned by my wife and daughter.  here’s a view:

Where was I? I was just off to the right drawing caricatures , or cartoonitures, as I call them. More on them here from that day. Here’s one pic of me drawing:

Alrighty then,…back to the sale story. Brief …I promise.

I was kind of late signing up for the event and decided to do a series of paintings that were sort of mid-century modern..y’know those stylized, cartoon-ish paintings you see in the old late fifties and early 60’s movies. I think the style was partly due to the popularizing of acrylic by that time (and pop art in general).

Beth and I strolled the town a week or so earlier, camera in hand and took some angles and shots of popular buildings (Kentville,NS). I was able to get 3 paintings finished and the sands in the top of the hour glass were losing to the ones in the bottom. About 2 days before I decided to skip a street and do King’s Arms Pub. It was a good call.

Friends of the owner flew like birds on the wind and made him aware of the painting. He soon showed up with cash in hand that exchanged in to mine in a manner of speaking.  Although I was drawing at the time I managed to turret my head in his direction and shout a “Thank You sir!”

He aims to hang it in the Pub.

Photo from Henny Penny’s facebook page

Here’s the other paintings:

Several of my other stuff was sold as well that day. Great to get out. Great to help support diversity!

Thanks for visiting! More on the toons in the next post!

Way Back Wednesday-Farm Family Day 2007

Me and My daughter

My Daughter and I outside the Farm Market

October is the time that everyone takes note of in an agricultural/farming community.  The farmer keeps busy pretty much all year long but the rest of us really see the results in the Fall or Autumn.

In a way it’s like a painter who works up dozens of  paintings in his/her studio and then exhibit them all at once in an art show.

These photos were taken in early summer of 2007 for a Family Farm day at Hennigar’s Farm, Nova Scotia.

I was invited for the day to draw caricatures (Cartoonitures) and I remember having some interesting chats with the people I sketched.


That’s my look-back for Way Back Wednesday.  Over 8 years ago!

Horror Faces of Hallowe’ens Past

Last year on my kevincameron-artist facebook page (cartoonitures) I ran a sort of guessing game of classic faces of the horror genre.  I would show an eye or corner of a mustache, etc and try and get followers to guess the actor.  Most of these were from a time when a lot of horror films still held that good wins over evil or there was a lesson to be learned of mistakes we as humans often make in arrogance and ignorant pride.  Sure there was always  camp and B-movies and there always will be. They can be fun too!

Well I hope you can enjoy these .  Oh and the ‘hair-thing’ is just a little personal cartoony touch.  I’ll be posting before Hallowe’en more of the display I’ve been repairing and re-assembling.  Hope you’ll visit again.  P.S.  Some were done in charcoal, some in pastel and some with watercolour.

Mayberry Times







This is my homage to Andy Griffith who recently passed on.  To be honest I never watched many of the Andy Griffith shows just due to my age.  I’m old enough to have seen some but was young enough not to see them when they were first released. The show ran from 1960 to 1968  and the humour and cast were a big hit with everyone.

I hope to be able to add two of the other cast soon  ( Don Knotts and the young Ron Howard- you know, the producer of Arrested Development ) but I have been so busy with things that it’s taken me awhile to finish this one. So no promises when :^).

Canada Day

In honour of Canada Day I’m posting this Cartooniture or caricature of three well known Prime Ministers. It’s a drawing I whipped up a several years ago for a live event (which happened to be on Canada Day, of course).

From left to right  we have Brian Mulroney, Paul Martin and John Diefenbaker .  These were drawn  very quickly as a last minute idea.

Below is an old picture from around that time.

This particular gig was at Hennigars Farm Market in Greenwich, Nova Scotia.  I enjoyed meeting and talking to different people as they had their faces drawn.

Just for fun I drew a Cartooniture of our current Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.  I know it’s customary to complain about acting Prime Ministers and then deify them years later but I’ve always tried to avoid this.  However Stephen Harper hasn’t been one of the greatest supporters of art culture in Canada.  Ah but it’s Canada Day and I don’t want to taint the spirit of celebration. Besides a picture is worth a thousand words they say. So here is that sketch of Harper as mentioned.  Really I am thankful to live in a country where we can at least attempt to live in peace and toleration,  have the freedom to pursue our desires,  and caricature our beloved leaders without the threat of a hanging.  That’s something! ha ha Happy Canada Day everyone!