Way Back Wednesday-Farm Family Day 2007

Me and My daughter

My Daughter and I outside the Farm Market

October is the time that everyone takes note of in an agricultural/farming community.  The farmer keeps busy pretty much all year long but the rest of us really see the results in the Fall or Autumn.

In a way it’s like a painter who works up dozens of  paintings in his/her studio and then exhibit them all at once in an art show.

These photos were taken in early summer of 2007 for a Family Farm day at Hennigar’s Farm, Nova Scotia.

I was invited for the day to draw caricatures (Cartoonitures) and I remember having some interesting chats with the people I sketched.


That’s my look-back for Way Back Wednesday.  Over 8 years ago!

Way Back Wednesdays- Camp Day 2002


Each year Tim Horton’s in Canada has what is known as Camp Day.  Today is Camp Day. It’s the first Wednesday in June.  All profit from their sales goes to fund Tim Horton Children’s Foundation

This quote is taken directly from their website:


1 in 6 children across Canada and the United States live in economically disadvantaged homes1. For these children, opportunities and environments that promote their growth into healthy individuals are often limited.

A Foundation camp experience provides programs to help these children develop lifelong skills. When they return home, they bring with them a positive attitude about their future, and the confidence to achieve goals they learned to set for themselves.

So in 2002 my wife worked for a Tim Horton restaurant in New Minas NS and through her encouragement I volunteered for the day to draw cartoon faces and give the proceeds to the charity. This was actually the start of my live caricature biz and a lead up to Christmas/Holiday window painting the following year.

 Here are some more pics:




Small window painting done in preparation for Tim Horton Camp Day