Classic Restored!

After some years in storage and disrepair this original store window display, based on a Hitchcock classic, finally gets repaired and set up in my home for Halloween 2012. It’s based on the movie Psycho and I built and painted it in 2006. Most of the backdrop is made from different types of foam.

And Some close -ups:



         Happy Halloween 2012!

Addendum:   From way back…

Painting the repairs…more to follow.

Hi everyone.  This is a quick follow up to the last post, Repairing the Damage as well as a prelude to the final post tomorrow (Hallowe’en night).  As long as this Frankenstorm and Sandy doesn’t knock out my power I will show you the final assembly.  Be careful and be prepared if you can for these storms. Stay safe.


My idea ( for what it’s worth ) was to underpaint the structure with a greenish/aqua tint because the whole thing is based on a 1960’s horror thriller.  The final black, gray ,white ( monochromatic ) finish would be given a slight touch of magenta.  Magenta being that reddish hue we see on old TV sets .  Also the aqua green undertone would help neutralize the reddish hint while hiding the foam pink that any camera flashes might reach in and expose.



It was a little difficult getting the hues to match.  The original grey paint was several years old and you can notice a slight shade of difference.  Here’s a final shot below.

So any ideas or guesses yet as to what movie I may have taken this from?  Don’t be afraid to guess.  After all it’s not like I’ll send Mother after you. Okay.  Tomorrow night then if the weather permits I will show you the entire display.  Maybe it’s just that I have one of those faces you can’t help believing. Another clue , by the way.  Later.

Repairing the damage…

As mentioned in the previous post a family of racoons destroyed an old Halloween display of mine and I thought it was time to bring it all back to life.  There is much more to the display of course and I will keep you updated up until October 31st. Below is a montage of the restoration work.

The rock stairs were originally made out of Celfort insulation.  The pieces are glued with a hot glue gun ( which will melt the foam so don’t overdo it.)  I used an acrylic texture medium to fill in the cracks. The foam can be carved with a Dremel like tool.  I added little erosion marks and lines and rounded the edges.  Use a mask to prevent dust inhalation.  I just have mine off for the photos.

Any ideas yet as to what this stone stairway was part of?  Hint: It was from a 1960’s famous suspense, horror thriller.

Stairway to …?

One of my really recent projects I’ve named “Restoring a Classic”.  This is not because I think my work  itself a classic but that it was based on a classic thriller movie.

Originally it was  part of a Hallowe’en  window display for a store and had much success.  I’ll show you those photos in time.

What did happen eventually was that the set got stored away for years and fell into disrepair. This was aided by a family of cute raccoons that moved into the shed. They seemed to ignore the hours of craftsmanship and went instead for the benefits of hard foam ( Cellfort) in winterizing their new home.  In other words this is how the damage was done. You can see the destruction of the first three steps in the pictures below.


This is not the entire display of course.  There was much more built and I hope to rebuild it all and post the photos before October 31st.  Can you guess which movie these stairs are from?  More clues in the next post.