Why Everyone Should be Thinking About Climate Change

Greta Thunberg

Regardless if you’re *Liberal or *Conservative, *Democrat or *Republican here is why I think everyone should be thinking about climate change.

Please wait until the end of this post before making up your mind. The direction I’m taking this may come as a big surprise to you. Especially if, like me, you can see some valid points on both sides OR you see one as right or wrong. Here me out. I think I have an answer.

What we’re facing today is two drastic points of view on the climate. Both seem very convincing. On one had we basically have the view that:

  1. The world is a planet in a universe of change. Therefore since we live on a planet our environment is affected way more by celestial events than burning fossil fuels. etc.
  2. This sort of thing has happened before. As far back as the crusades we’ve believed that elements bigger than ourselves would ultimately destroy our civilization. This led to even children taking up the cross to march against threatening invasions from the East. Then even in the 70’s we were warned that our fuel was running out because scientists said so. Well it didn’t turn out as bad as the alarmists claimed.
  3. We NEED fossil fuel to help bring the poor out of poverty. Because of fossil fuel we’ve seen leaps in technology that help us live better lives, fight disease,and turn on life-giving electricity to millions. Sure there are pollution issues but over all ,even with the burning of coal, life has been made better.

The second point of view , on the other hand, seems to be that due to our actions,emissions,greed, and just plain existence, human-kind are destroying the planet. This destruction is coming from our own making :

  1. Humankind , by it’s nature , is having an adverse effect on the well being of other species, draining them of their singular existence at the expense of the whole. Burning fossil fuels is creating issues with CO2 and rising temps in our oceans. The polar icecaps are melting due to this. Floods and dramatic weather changes are taking lives.
  2. The science is now there to back up the theories or vice versa. We have satellites and global monitoring systems in place that never existed 100 years ago.  They’re predicting mass extinction of not just animal life but humans as well.

The counter arguments go something like this.

The scientific data we are dealing with is so new compared to the history of the earth that there is no way the data accurately predicts earth’s cycles. Tornadoes and floods and snap weather changes have occurred before. What makes us so special?

The data is being skewed to fit a liberal, left leaning, socialist agenda. And the counter that is that conservative,traditional thinkers are happy with the way things are because the ,money keeps flowing in. Having money means having security for when the hard times come…

The arguments and counterpoints are legion. There seems to be no end.

For sake of brevity, and I know I’ve left out some key points and issues, I’ll get to my opinion and resolution.

The Eye Opener

Some say the truth is somewhere in the middle. Does the fact that the truth is in the middle make it less alarming or provocative. No. It doesn’t. Let me explain.

Even the MOST conservative of thinkers would have to agree. ‘Save something for a rainy day’. It’s within traditional conservative thinking to advocate for some pennies in a jar,so to speak. In fact, oh yes, the top most wealthy people are preparing for the worst. They expect it. Don’t believe me then google Bunkers being built by the rich. In fact one of the contractors for building underground safe bunkers has said something to the effect that ” It makes you wonder if they know something we don’t” hmm

We’re talking only a handful of wealthy people on the planet-people who believe in wealth as the primary path to safe and security. What’s my point? My point is that everyone is a little scared…even the skeptics.

Now here’s the clincher.

We have satellite info telling us something IS going on in our small time of climate change on our planet. When a catastrophe does strike you and I will be too busy hanging on to flotsam to finger point what the cause was.  Just Google *missed earth encounters* with vagabond asteroids. Yep one just occurred last month and it even passed by undetected ahead of time  through the limited satellite webs. It wasn’t that far away in astronomical terms. So?, you say.

Asteroid Collision

Hey in 1615 people feared Haley’s comet because they had no KNOWLEDGE of what it was and what it could do. We DO know. (yes thanks in part to burning fossil fuels-more on that in a sec.)

Let’s just imagine that one of those celestial stones pounds the middle east;knocks out world oil supplies. What then? We all go into a No Power Scenario. Sorry to pick on the Middle East it could be Toronto for that matter.

A No Power Scenario is like when the lines go down due to a hurricane. Y’know. You’ve experienced it; candles and propane stoves (safely used in ventilation) all come out. Water becomes a premium and in time when the money runs out  Reminds me of a Men at Work tune then money just don’t matter. Resources do. Being self reliant to some extent and existing off the grid will be the key to survival. *Hey watch that old movie Panic in the Year Zero for just a taste of what it’s like when the switch is off.

Imagine the main grid going down due to a nuclear incident, celestial event or maybe even as a result of our actions affecting climate. Don’t believe in surprises? Where were you in 2001?

Do we need to fight about developing less reliance on fossil fuels? Can’t we begin to develop resources that don’t have to be shipped to us across huge oceans. When the grid goes down(and it will-the odds are for it as time goes on) wouldn’t a little solar power, wind power and human ingenuity help extend our lives.

It’s like saying , “We don’t have money to maintain empty hospital rooms so lets shut them all down.” Or why not keep some in stasis just in case.


So here’s my solution. We can’t kill jobs in fossil fuels overnight. It has to be a gradual thing to some degree or at least balanced with other resources so we are not so dependent on one golden source “oil, that is, black gold,Texas tea…”

Every source of energy creates wealth and creates waste…uses land or causes potential harm to the environment. Nuclear power, perhaps the closest to efficient energy is also a centralist solution. If it goes down the lights go out. If it goes up…the lights go out.


So I’m supporting environmental activism and the science of renewable resources. Let’s use the tech that burning fossil fuels gave us to begin to come up with other ways and spread out our reliance on energy, instead of just ‘one source fits all’.

After all, it never hurts to have a few pennies in the bank when Nature calls us out !


*I mean these terms in more of a nature sense than a political sense. Some people are liberal thinkers and some favour more conservative thinking.

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