In Defense of Snowflakes


You wanna know the worst cuss word , name calling descriptive you can use on someone you hate? Get ready. The word is Snowflake. It’s not a four letter word . It’s a four letter word plus a five letter word.

This is really odd when you stop and think about it. How did such an innocent unassuming word get to be so vile?

Well. I don’t know.

What once stood for strength and beauty is now the thing of useless dregs of society.

Want to bring someone real low? Call them a snowflake.

Pendulums swing as pendulums do.

Let’s face is it. This is just a pendulum swing, a knee jerk reaction to a generation raised to think of themselves as precious and beautiful.

There was a time in this fair land that to be associated with a snowflake was a good thing. Now valedictorians claim the idea is Victorian. You are not special we are told. Nobody is special and you don’t deserve anything.

This from a generation (mine and my parents’) who pretty much consumed everything. So there is not as much to go around. This is why they want you to buy the only thing left: the lie that you are not any way.



Young people…don’t believe it!! You can be special and not entitled. You do deserve a kind of bestowed dignity by being part of the human race without earning it. *But you can lose it by being an idiot or criminal or both.

Now presidents mock you if you think you have basic human rights and call you a snowflake.  Snowflakes have no rights, they say. “They think they deserve everything.” Not true.

Every human being despite their skin colour, gender, etc deserves love, shelter, acceptance and basic rights.  Once you buy into the lie that a snowflake is something that melts in the face of confrontational heat you then open yourself up to bullies, tyrants, rapists (people who chose to not be a snowflake but a stagnant puddle).

A snowflake, like a spider’s web, is a strong structure and does what its particular design calls it to do. It is beautiful and unique. Combined, that is unified, with millions of other snowflakes it is a powerful , almost unstoppable, force.

I think it’s time to defend snowflakes. I think it’s time for the pendulum to swing back toward the middle just a little bit.

Those are my thoughts anyway. Thanks for visiting and please check out my ebook, especially if you like snowflakes. :^)


*Please don’t read into this that two wrongs make a right. For all you social justice warriors out there this post is not fuel to excuse screaming someone out of their right of free speech or pounding down university doors, etc.


3 comments on “In Defense of Snowflakes

  1. Thank you for posting this.
    It’s become so overwhelming to hear the constant bombardment against the truth along with the belittlement of people who don’t fit a certain profile.
    It means so much when someone takes the time to confirm that this isn’t normal or acceptable.

    • Thank YOU for the encouragement. Nice to know I’m not alone in this view. I hear *friends* and people belittle ( as you said) certain age groups,race or whatever. It’s almost become a crime to tell someone “they’re special”. Being special and *feeling* entitled imo are two different things. Hard to believe it has come to this. thanks again for your comment. 🙂

      • There’s no need to thank me.
        I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with telling someone they are special because there is truly no other way to nurture talent. Of course you could push a person to her/his breaking point in the name of exceptionalism, but if they don’t understand that they have something unique to offer, what would be the point other than the breed of nationalism that’s taking root in America and other places.
        As far as feeling entitled goes, I know people like this who can’t see anything beyond what benefits themselves and therefore lack empathy for anyone less fortunate. It pains me to attempt to interact with them or to try discussing things that negatively affect the world because they refuse to see any of it and instead blame the unfortunate and disenfranchised.
        It’s hard to accept that this is the state of the world, but it’s clear that some people know exactly how to take advantage of it to further enrich themselves.
        Thanks again for creating this space for discussion 🙂

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