Those Three Beautiful Words ( or 4 )

I opened up my email this morning to those  three , or rather four, beautiful words.

With a head full of sleep and eyes not quite focused it took me a waking moment to realize that someone was saying they bought 3 of my prints at a local gift shop.  They said they were “very pleased”. Wow, I thought. Am I still dreaming? Then came the four beautiful words:

“We love your work”.

To an artist that is almost as good as the three words, “I love you”.  Almost. Hey let’s not get carried away right?

In all sincerity it made my day! No not in a Clint Eastwood kinda way. More like when Martin Landau received an Oscar for a role in ‘Ed Wood’ after having worked so hard in acting to be appreciated. Well he was a little long winded in that so I won’t duplicate an error.

It’s a sweet thing to have some one like your work no matter what it is you do. It’s even sweeter if they say so.

Sure it’s always nice to get some money back but I think someone taking the time to write a note and send it along makes it all so much more special.

All I can say is Thanks and I am Grateful…

…cue the exit music, ha!


…thanks for visiting!


7 comments on “Those Three Beautiful Words ( or 4 )

  1. I agree with you! I recently gave one of my paintings to someone who I knew would love it and she took the time to mail me a note to say thank you and give me kind words of encouragement as well. Isn’t it wonderful? 🙂

      • That’s for sure. I never began teaching myself how to draw in order to sell anything. I have sold a few paintings, but few and far between. I’d rather give it to those who appreciate it than have it stored up. I think that’s what I’m going to start doing. 🙂

            • Yeah we have weather ‘issues’ here too. The saying is “if you don’t like the weather then just wait a half hour” it will change. You could always try selling somewhere where it isn’t a safety issue. Maybe you will get a cease and desist warning before a fine..maybe not though, lol

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