Revealing Yourself (but also…)


Lockeport Beach, NS. Acrylic by Kevin Cameron- PEACE

Art is all about revealing the inner you.

Maybe it’s about more than that but if you want to show some of the deepest innermost regions of you then art is one way for you to do it.

Are you a bit shy or a full blown introvert?  Or would that be fully imploded introvert, ha.

Many a shy person has used art to bridge themselves socially to others.  I know I have. Being an artist allows the quiet ones to speak.  It gives us something not to hide behind but to use as a tool to reach out to others and our world. You and I become the brush of our own mind’s making.  We use art to paint ourselves on the world around us and it takes the focus off of our supposed shortcomings allowing freedom of speech, as it were.

Do you find it hard to operate in a group.  Trust me, I know.  Social Anxiety has been my companion since early school days.

By allowing yourself the pleasure and priviledge of art others can find a common ground with you.

Before facebook and social media art was the sure fire way to tell others not so much “Look at me. Do you think I’m gifted?” but “Hey do you like this?  What do you think of my drawing, etc.?”

Chances are if you meet an artist, they’re not arrogant.  If so, move on. They have issues to deal with.

What I call a true artist is one who, like yourself, is reaching out to others.  With art I could never have painted the murals I did in public or talk to strangers as I caricatured their faces as others waited in long line ups. Ahem.  Well they weren’t always long lineups.

Art is gift.  It’s a gift to others. Imo, a gift from the Creator…to be shared not for our own arrogance or glory.

Dear Artist,isn’t it time you started sharing?

Thanks for visiting!

Want help getting started on your artistic path?  Give me a shout.  I think my email links all work.  I’d love to hear from you! This is not a business proposition! Surprise, surprise… Just for chat!


11 comments on “Revealing Yourself (but also…)

    • Thanks! My 80 something Dad has said that one of our long ago relatives/ancestor used to say “shyness was a disease”. Pretty wise for some uneducated guy! ( as in ‘not a psychology major’ kind of educated :^)

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