Vaya Con…Bios :)

Detail of Fence post painted by K. Cameron

Detail of Fence post painted by K. Cameron

I guess “Vaya Con Dios” means “go with God”.

This post could be called “Go With Bios” ( groan) since it about bios for artists.

As Neil Diamond once said “That’s all the Spanish I know…” ( long story)

Recently I was reading in a book on art marketing by Susan Abbott (Fine Art Publicity) about interview questions for artists.  I’ve been reading this book for a few years now.  Not that it’s not good or extremely long it’s just that I can take a long time to do things, ha.

One of the questions to be considered is :

“When did you ( the artist) first know you were going to be an artist?”

I thought this is a great question to be answered in an artists bio.  Okay.  If you’re checking my About/bio right now I most likely don’t have it updated…remember, ” I take a long time to do things”.

The challenge here is to try to remember all the way back to any epiphonic moments (epiphonic …is that a word?)

I would assume that a quiet, tranquil spot with your favourite drink and a trusted notepad might be beneficial. Maybe even during a sunset just to make it all dramatic.

Once, in an interview of Robert Ulrich he was asked a similar question. “What made you become an actor…an artist?  How did you know?”  I believe it was asked by  Brian Linehan on a program called City Streets long before social media.  The pre-millenial epoch.

Robert Ulrich’s answer involved him casting his gaze downward to the studio floor and saying something like “It was the way the light sometimes shone around the corner of his bedroom door early in the morning…”

So even though this story may be missing some details the fact remains that even after 30 some years I still remember Robert’s answer and in a way I remember it’s meaning even though it was based on a visual image in my mind.

The take away?

Tell the truth but make your bio remarkable…memorable when it comes to answering “What inspired you to become an artist…?” I’m sure there was more to his answer.  The point was he saw things differently from his young colleagues and wanted to pursue acting without a doubt.

I can say for sure that the way Robert Ulrich answered that question in a way became an answer for me.  His pensive, deep searching moment that was interrupted with glowing smile , like light bending around a corner door, became an epiphonic moment for me.  I knew I loved art and creativity then for sure.

More later on art bios under Marketing and Branding but for now..

Vaya Con Dios!! Thanks for visiting :^)






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