Have No Fear


Room With A View by K.Cameron

Ahh ( sigh) that word ‘fear’.

It (fear) certainly can get a grip on us.

Seth Godin (that sophisticated guru of marketing he and noted author) calls  it the “lizard brain”. It’s supposed to be that primal part of our brain that hangs around from our pre-human tenure on this planet.  It’s that mind-voice that screams out to us in panic to spare us from any gorey demise. Well even if you don’t buy whole heartedly into that evolutionary thinking ,we as humans, seem to be basically in idle mode and just ready to rev ‘er up to panic mode in a moments notice.

Take being an artist for example.

You love to draw or paint, sculpt or compose; oh but wait ’til it comes time to show your stuff.





I don’t know why …do you?

We can speculate.  However I don’t ever remember a dear loving aunt tearing up my artwork and calling it trash.  (Although I did have a grade 8 art teacher tell me I had no talent… may have had something to do with the aliens and spaceships I was drawing).

So where is all the trauma coming from?

Why so serious?  as the Joker would say.  How come in all this vast universe it matters so much to let that little door of your heart squeak open to the light and let your art shine through?

And why, when we all know we’re going to die, does it matter so much to be temporarily embarrassed to show our art? After-all there’s only a very tiny chance you’ll die from showing your work or being eaten by a large dinosaur. Ahem. Large dinosaur. Lizard Brain. Stay with the metaphor here :^)

So I say stop being a scaredy cat. Get some of your stuff together and go out and show it. Get it online , offline or on the clothes line ( hey that might work too!).

Have a creative day! thanks for stopping by.





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