The Cat named Art

ART can’t be contained.

No matter how much an artist tries to stop being an artist it always comes back.

Like the cat that leaves but keeps on showing up on the doorstep ( an old Muppet skit comes to mind) the artist for whatever reason can’t ultimately stop being true to their nature.  Perhaps you’ve experienced this too.

For what reasons artists find to take a hiatus depends upon the artist however it’s often linked to a dissatisfaction with their results or even themselves.  Yes a kind of perfectionism that haunts us.

Life can get too busy with jobs, social expectations and a myriad of good things. At the end of the day , though, there is a hunger to do more.  The warm, caring nurture of time spent painting  beckons us back to the easel, the canvas or preferred medium of your choice.

The shelter from the howls of cold wind and life itself once again calls us home to safety.

In this way Art cannot be contained.  You may be a creative who thinks they can put off your inner call until retirement or until that list of home repairs needs to be finished but in the end you’ll find that spark of creativity is a hard thing to dowse .

The call to be creative leads you back over well trodden hills and forest paths to a home you keep hidden in your heart.

Isn’t it time you came in from the cold!

Have a creative day!  Thanks for visiting.


5 comments on “The Cat named Art

  1. i full well relate to this one kevin. i am a farmer. i have worked the land all of my working life. it was my calling from the time i was very very young and went with my father into the many gardens. and even though over the years i tried other job choices , only for very short time periods, i was always drawn back to the smell of the freshly turned soil. and the enjoyment i found watching the seeds turn into plants and the plants grow to maturity and create the product that i would harvest and sell to the stores or the people . the enjoyment i had , knowing i was responsible for putting hundreds of thousands of meals on the tables of those satisfied customers. even now , after retiring from this occupation after 50 years in it , i am still drawn back to the machinery , the tractors , disc harrows , rotovators , and the working of the soil. i am , in essence , an artist of the ground.

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