A True Treasure


I have a niece that’s such a treasure.  So I decided to make her something that was just that!  Here goes…I’ll show you the behind the scenes.  It all begins with one of those unfinished jewelry boxes you pick up at the dollar store and a little plastic skull..the kind you see floating around near Halloween.  yeah I keep a couple just in case…you never know when you’ll need one.


Here’s a gallery of photos followed by some brief observations.

So here’s some details.  I believe my time is worth something so instead of spelling out every step and listing every ingredient if you want to know how I did something…just ask me.  I’ll gladly share the info and you can improve on it or do it your own way.

The skull was hot glued onto the plywood box.  The box was covered with  a flexible modeling paste and while the paste was still pliable a skewer was used to draw lines through it. A 50/50 mix of white glue and water was used as paper mache mix.  ‘This case I made it a little too watery.  I used some masking tape to fill in the space around the skull. Then globs of  glue soaked paper towel was sculpted around the skull to form a 3D base. A more pulpier mix of toilet tissue was then applied.  Everything was left to dry.  The skewered furrows on the box were painted black. The inside of the box painted gold. The rest of the outside of the box was painted with a couple brown tones including Americana Georgia Clay and touches of gold paint.  Paint different colours together wet so they blend…get messy, ha. Also there is a thin sheet of foam cut to shape cemented (rubber cement) to the very bottom of the whole box. 

Add details to the mound like pieces of chain ( necklace jewelry chain), twine, seashells etc.  paint it blue tones ( wet-on -wet). As it all drys you can add sparkle mixed with a clear medium, etc, etc lots of details..ask me if you have questions.


The final touch was gluing in a sheet of foam to the bottom and a little personal note of which I purposely left out the name.


Okay.  Hope this inspires you to do something creative! thanks for stopping by!

5 comments on “A True Treasure

  1. your niece is very fortunate to have someone to care for her in such an artistic way. A treasure she will always remember of someone who cared for her so much…

  2. That’s awesome! I love your method and the result. Can’t wait to try something like this myself. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you! No problem…as said, if I left a step out just ask. You can add acrylic paint to the glue/mache mix instead of water. I added too much water and took longer to dry. I like your crafty posts too!

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