A Picture of a Picture


My brother and I a few years ago with a painting I did for him

Have you ever wondered just how much of your life may have been wasted looking through a camera lens?  I have.

I love photography and admire photographers.  I don’t consider myself a photographer, amateur or otherwise.

Reading on Millennials I came across this quote:

Standing on a dock in Delaware this March, I was struck by how beautiful the sunset was with the lake mirroring it perfectly. The water was like glass and the sun orange. There was a stillness and beauty that caught my breath, and yet we were all so distracted taking pictures. (The rest of the article here)

This is really talking about the masses with cell phones who snap pictures of everything and not really about photographers pensively lining up a good shot or skillfully recording a visual message.

What I like about painting is it’s ability to slow us down.  It does force us somewhat to soak in the image and develop it in our brain.  The world’s first camera system did not come from Apple or Kodak for that matter.  It came as an organic creation inside our heads.

I don’t think it’s wrong to take photos.  Do you?

However you must think back to those precious moments sometimes and wonder if they would really have more meaning in felt memories?  The ones that don’t divide us from our surroundings using technology.  Maybe, just maybe, there are moments that would best be remembered if not mechanically recorded. Maybe the details of a weathered face would be forgotten but the memory of feeling on our finger a warm tear from a friend or lover  will mean more to us in the end.

Maybe technology in the hands of the masses has actually taken something away instead of giving us what we are trying to save.

What do you think?


3 comments on “A Picture of a Picture

  1. i love the new cameras available to the masses. the 18 and 20 mega pixels allow most people to become good to very good at taking pictures. the memory sticks allow them to put their rewards on their computers to view and pick and choose what they wish to either enhance or disguard. photography has evolved over the years. the electronic age we live in has put a lot of professional photographers out of business while make good photographers out of the masses. but i compare the term photographer to the term “farmer.” or the term “gardener” to the term ” horticulturist”. while there are many who can plant some seeds and have good results , the masses so to speak, there are a lot less who excel at it and actually understand the science behind it , these are the true farmers and horticulturists. the same goes for the real photographers.

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