It Caught Me on my Blind Side



Do you love Mystery and Tales from Beyond?

 This is a true story that I’ve been meaning to write about for a long time. It involves the strange and perhaps the paranormal. (Ha!Playing it up a bit here.)

Our lives are often peppered with the unusual and coincidental and perhaps so much so we never really notice but once in a while something happens that seems so peculiar that we can’t ignore it; can’t forget it.

I’ve never seen a ghost or strange ‘alien’ objects in the skies.  There was, however, this one time that a bizarre coincidence took place regarding one of my paintings; namely, the ‘Blind Girl’ which you see above.

I had been watching on DVD a Brian Clemens series called Thriller.  These were British mystery stories and are still available on Amazon, I do believe.

About the same time I started painting cartoon-like pop art sort of in the fashion of Roy Lichenstein. I was inspired by a kind of film noir image on a box of DVD’s about movies of murder and mystery.  There was  a close up of a blonde woman with a Humphrey Bogart-like man just behind her holding a gun.  I started drawing the painting which would eventually be the the one you see above.

Here’s where coincidence or whatever you call it came in to play.  I had decided to skip an episode a while back of the thriller series.  I’m not sure why.  However I watched over time all of the episodes on disc except one called “The Eyes Have It”.

This is where it gets Spooky

One evening I was in my studio painting this painting I call “Blind Girl”.  I was drawing the hair around her face. I was in the zone as we say when things just seem to be flowing from one’s subconscious.  As I drew in the strokes of her hair all of a sudden as if beyond my control my hand made the brush strokes of her hair curling toward her face. Just one lock of hair that curled unnaturally without symmetry on the opposite side of her face. It seemed so perfect at the time to me and gave the entire painting meaning and gave her personality.

Satisfied with the result I left the studio and that evening- that very same evening I decided to relax and watch the unviewed episode left on the collection. ( Remember I had seen them all over time and had strangely skipped this one.)

The episode was centered mostly around a blind girl and when she first appeared on the screen I was blown away!  A chill ran up my back as if aware of another presence in the room.  You know the feeling.  Here’s what I saw!


I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Except for the fact the image was reversed the likeness was uncanny!   Blue eyes, similar features and the colour of her sweater even matched the yellow of her hair in the painting but most of all there was this single curl of hair that I had painted already before ever seeing the show.  Had I watched that one episode earlier you could say I just copied it. You can see a trailer for the episode here.  It starred Sinead Cusack as the blind girl.



Obviously I had to name the painting “Blind Girl”. The original painting is shown at the bottom.  The top one was simply a hand made copy by me.

So what do ya think?  No big deal or a little spooky?

2 comments on “It Caught Me on my Blind Side

  1. oh i ave no doubt it was a ghostly presence. i myself have seen real live ghosts on several occassions. hmmmm mostly during parties.

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