While We’re on the Subject of Winter…

Cropped section of a painting I did a bit ago!

We’re now enduring the third major storm of our winter so far here in Nova Scotia. Blowing, blinding snow has shut down even the most persistent retail  outlets today and taxi cabs and buses have wisely given up trying to brave the roads.  Update: Snowplows taken off the roads as well.

Recently we have received excess layers of snow and ice and this winter it has come with only a few to several days in between to allow for clean up.

Several years ago in a different area where we used to live there was this little squirrel that lived in a tree right next to our kitchen window. I decided to commemorate him ( or her) with a painting.  Above is a cropped part of the painting.  You can see the full painting on my facebook page here.

When my daughter was very young, we used to watch the “squirrel in the woods” any time he decided to ‘perch’ on the limb near the window.  When the painting was done and hung on our wall I would hold her up to the painting and say “nite, nite squirrel”  at bedtime and she would repeat the same.

I often wonder what happened to that particular squirrel.

We humans spend most of our lives worrying about how to get to work in order to pay our bills, etc.  It’s comforting  to know in nature that the animals are provided for and like us they have someone watching out for them.  They just ride out the storms of life without complaint…..however, now that I think about it, my cat does complain- with a whiny meow- about the cold !


One comment on “While We’re on the Subject of Winter…

  1. Weather here is beastly and have been plowed out but with great effort. Two now shovelling for us. When you mentioned the squirrel , we have had two faithful ones over the years in our woodpiles outside and the last two years has just been one. I hope they find comfort and safety in the woodpile. They have been blessed with protective coating. Pray all our little furry creatures are safe and house pets are kept inside….

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