The Art of Giving


Apologies for the quality of the photo it was taken a while back and since I no longer own the painting I can’t get a clearer picture. It is an oil painting.

Do you wish you had a certain gift?  I mean as in a talent?
Funny thing to ask right after Christmas, I know.  However it’s also the time of year to think about past gifts and new beginnings.  I believe we’re all given a gift and most of the time, if you’re like me, you wish for something other than the gift you already have. Perhaps it’s a by -product of living in and  growing up in a Consumer age and Capitalistic background.  To get something new is considered progress rather than be happy with what you already have. ( Definitely not saying here that a desire for acquisition or progress is all wrong.  You know what I mean.)
This time of year there are a lot of last year’s obituary notifications, like “The Stars we Lost in 2014” sort of thing.  I got sucked into reading a few obits of the not-so-famous.  No, I’m not always morbid…I don’t think so anyway but I do occasionally visit the virtual e-cemeteries of the web.
One story was that of the life of a quiet elderly man that had passed on.  He was a man who others said took pleasure in quiet devotion and duty to his family.  In our media he was a un-noteworthy man but to the angels he was a saint.  Why?  On his death bed he revealed to his son ( or SIL, can’t remember exact details) of the blind person he had been reading to, the homeless man he had been feeding, and the other needy in his home town he had been secretly helping all these years.  ( To check out this story go to CNN’s obits of ordinary people _ I couldn’t find the link right away).
This , of course, really stuck with me. I confess to you that although others have envied my little artistic and creative ability, I have envied them for the ease at which some of them can earn a stupendous income!  Earning money with an artistic gift seems much harder than having a trade, etc.  Why do they envy me?  So in the midst of this circle of envy I realized ( sort of like the Grinch’s heart growing 3 sizes that day moment) that we all have a gift, a talent or something special to offer others and our communities.
I think the important thing is what you do with your gift.  To get caught up in wishing for  something else all the time is not in the spirit of giving but the scrooge-like spirit of getting or keeping. One of my New Years goals is to be more giving of my own talent(s).  This is not about doing all work for free or giving away a trade but realizing that as long as I have my needs met I should be both happy with the extra afforded me and more giving ( in a quiet way, like the saintly man mentioned above)  I know for me, it’s way too easy to get caught up in Me and My Life and forget about those around me.
Thanks for following me this past year on my blog and reading my rambles. I wish you all a Happy New Year and may we all have stories ; quiet, secret stories of giving, loving and caring!




3 comments on “The Art of Giving

  1. I’m one of those who thinks I don’t have a talent or gift but after thinking about it I guess if humor and giving and caring are gifts I might have a little something in that department. I, too, am amongst your fans of envy of your artistic talents and others in such areas but God has given you that particular talent for a reason and me mine. Use your talents and gifts in a way that will fill your heart with joy and bring love of your talent to others. I am proud to have several of your paintings in my home and do a little bragging that my son-in-law did that beautiful artistic piece…

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