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If you’re anything like me you do believe in being positive but you recognize the need to be realistic as well. The beginning of the New Year is a time to set goals but it’s also a depressing time for many because they haven’t seen previous goals met.

Let’s be a little realistic.  Isn’t it better to know you can possibly take a long trip to a neighboring country but realistically if you “shoot for the moon” literally…chances are you won’t get there. There is something to be said for baby steps first.  Why not set a realistic goal that is just a bit beyond your reach and see it happen than go over the top and fail.  For example if you want to lose a hundred pounds then why not aim for ten first!

Hyper-Positive people and their hyper positive doctrine seem to be always winning but most of the ones I met are actually living in some Disney World Fantasy that only exists in their head.  It doesn’t make any tactile contact with the world of the living and dying around them.  News Flash:  You can’t make yourself levitate without some external force in your favour just because you think you can ( excepting of course of some few , ancient Tibetan Monks who didn’t share their secret so well, ha!)

What you can do!


However you CAN lose ten pounds, you can learn to paint a portrait and you can learn to drive a car, etc so long as you have ordinary circumstances.  Ordinary circumstances for example such as you are legal driving age etc.

Once I was working on an artistic project with another person.  We had put in a hard shift of work.  I mused ” Well, we are getting there..”  I was firmly told by a third party that there is no ” getting there, it’s all about the journey”.  In other words sound positive. I get that. I really do….but…as an artist, a crafts person and all round handyman I do know there is a beginning , a middle and an end as well as points in between.  There is a certain linearity to life.  We are born, get old and die as well as points in between.  We set goals. We enjoy the journey AND we complete the journey only to set a new goal. I think it’s okay to say “We’re getting there”.

That’s the way I see it anyway.  You don’t have to agree with me. To me, hyper positive people are borderline disillusioned.  It’s a free country as they say and we can all live in our own mind-world so long as we don’t hurt anyone.  I choose to be Positive and Hopeful with just a little Realism thrown in there to make me content in my choices.

What are your goals for the New Year? Do you think you have to be Hyper-Positive ( a relative term, I guess) just to meet a realistic goal?


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