Across the Brook


Across the Brook -Covered Bridge

 This little painting is based on the covered foot bridge near the Hennigar’s Farm Market in Greenwich Nova Scotia.  Actually it’s just a short walk from where I live.  The weather in Nova Scotia, as I’ve said before, can change very quickly.  When you see a camera ready moment you have to catch it quickly.
It was early in the morning when snow flurries started to float softly to the ground.  By noon there was a couple inches of snow everywhere.  The little bridge was adorned ( do people still use that word ?) with a light blanket of snow.  It immediately brought Christmas or Holiday greeting card art to mind. So I made one which you can see here .
The wreath on the beam at the entrance was the result of artistic license but I thought it added a nice touch.  I hope you get to enjoy what you can of the season and indeed the little pleasures that life sometimes affords us. Thanks for visiting!




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