In the Fragility of Butterfly Wings there is Great Strength


Found myself a little bored one evening.  You know those times when your mind needs something productive to do but you’re suspicious of any of your own ideas.  After all maybe your mind is trying to trick you into more boredom.  Time to call on an art friend. I said, “I’m bored…anything you  want me to draw…?” She said draw something to reflect a “healing heart” .
That was all the info given.  Sometimes the best thing an artist can have is parameters…restrictions. This helps the artist’s mind not to wander and become bored with limitlessness. This will make sense to some.  Having someone else put boundaries on our imagination gives us a sense of control.
Well, the above mixed media sketch was the result. It may become the basis for a future painting.  Who knows?
My take on it is that the wings are two halves of a broken heart that have mended themselves and now can fly again.  The two flowers are like  launch pads or open hands from which the love can fly.  Yes they could represent two people in love as well. The sun is symbolic for life and energy. The butterfly wings are meant to be stained glass effect like you might find in a church, which ideally represents a source of love…perhaps God’s love.   In the fragility of  butterfly wings there is great strength.
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