In Loving Memory Of…


Water- based Oil and Pencil on canvas. 20×30 by Kevin Cameron The Movie to my knowledge is purely fictional.

A while back I did a faux movie poster from the classic movie era. Those old hand-illustrated movie posters really had some charm, didn’t they!  Unfortunately I don’t think I did them justice with my faux film noir poster “The Scarlette Mystery”
The pencil sketch of the girl is based on an image of Lauren Bacall.  Hopefully that is obvious.  I thought it was fitting, given her recent passing, to post it now.
Sadly we’ve had two big *Stars* leave us this week: Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall.  Having been raised in a fishing community I’m tempted to say, “It all comes in threes …and the third wave is usually the biggest!”  Honestly I think superstition is something that is self-fulfilling.  In fact Arlene Martel who played T’Pring, the leader of the Vulcans in the original Star Trek has just died as well. (She played many other roles too on various classic TV episodes). Is she the ‘third’ or someone else?
With due respect, the fact is we all die.  As someone humourously said, “No one gets out alive”.
We could, I suppose, muse about the meaning of it all and draw some kind of life lesson about using the time we have wisely, etc. Let’s not.  Once in a while it is just good to think of  those that we can no longer visit, interact with or hear some new word from.  Let’s just remember them.

One comment on “In Loving Memory Of…

  1. Lauren Bacall was one of the greats and emitted the quality of showing what good acting was all about and all she had to do was put her lips together and whistle …will be remembered by this old timer…

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