Challenge Accepted

An oil painting I did a few years back.

An oil painting I did a few years back.

Life can really be summed up as a challenge or series of challenges  can’t it (?)  Each day each one of faces a new challenge. For some of us it’s a physical challenge like learning to walk for the first time, or hang gliding or maybe it’s learning how to get around with that new walking cane. Most of us face mental challenges.  Some more than others ( that really wasn’t meant to be funny but we do all need a good laugh once in a while.)
This is not to say the word challenge has to bring negative feelings .  A challenge can be a good thing. People have asked me what inspires me to make art.  Sometimes I search for an appropriate answer that would be way up there with trying to fund-raise for a cancer cure or tell the world of God’s love. All well and good motivations, I’m sure.  Really though, to be honest, I don’t  have such a sole,  noble  purpose for my art.  Mostly what drives me is the challenge to see if I can do it.
Art scares me.  It excites me.  It is infinite in a sense.  Since it is infinite, meaning the possibilities are endless, then the challenge is unending.  Sure I can use art for fundraising and many good purposes but it’s no use for me to lie to you just to give you warm fuzzies.  I like art because I’m a shy guy. I don’t sing ( I do play bongos and Tom toms… I know, laugh and get over it, ha).  I can hide behind my paintings, murals and logos and if any of them ever turn out half good I can do my own little happy dance, in my own little private place…TMI?  O, I can’t dance either.
So really it’s the challenge , I think , that is my biggest draw- pardon the pun.  Art is great for shy introverts ( yeah, extroverts, too). We each have to find something in our lives, some natural talent or gift that challenges us ;makes us move away from our comfort zones but to a place even more comfortable with our selves.
Mistakes?  They’re just part of it all. Without the risk of making a ‘happy accident’ there would be no adrenaline rush. This only brings on a new challenge.  How will I fix the mistake or how can it be incorporated into the final work?  It takes both Fear and Love to create something special.
Have a challenging day!  Thanks for reading!

4 comments on “Challenge Accepted

  1. Enjoyable as always Kevin. I no longer am the reader I use to be but your writings are inclined to capture my reading interests…Thanks…

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