Feels Like Wednesday (and That Moment continued)

Acrylic 18 x 36 on canvas

Acrylic 18 x 36 on canvas

We just had a holiday Monday ( Victoria Day) and I feel like I’m missing a week- day somewhere. I used to think a short work week was great but since I’m a little older now ( ahem) I’ve stopped wishing time away.  I was watching an old SciFi a week or so ago; maybe it was two… ( time flies, hmm) and two of the players were facing imminent death. One guy says to the other ( as they gasp for air on a sunken futuristic sub), “The older you get , the more precious life becomes. You become aware of what life is.”  For a campy show it did a have a few shining moments, ha!
Some time ago I posted a sneak preview of a new painting in the post ‘That Moment’ and said I’d follow up with the completed painting.  well this is it!  Originally the moon had concentric rings or circles and I didn’t like them.  So I saw a reply to a post on Pinterest that I commented on weeks before.
The photo was of a nebula and voila! that was exactly what I was looking for.  So that’s my exciting story.  It doesn’t take much to amuse me,ha!  Anyways I hope you enjoy it.  It is going in with my Dandy Lines series for future show and sale.
Thanks for poppin’ in!

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