That Moment

Sample corner of new painting

Sample corner of new painting

I struggled with a painting today.  It’s not uncommon though. Sometimes you get to a point where it all just seems ‘wooden’. It’s like you’re painting mecanically  and not ‘feeling it’.  I think they say this is when you’re painting more with the conscious mind and not the subconscious.
The thing is you are searching. You want something to stand out and say ” Hey, Look over here…I have the answer!” You’re an artist and it’s just how you think or how you’re wired. At first you want to panic; to throw in the towel.  Maybe it’s the wrong subject, the wrong canvas size…something isn’t right.  You take a break, get a coffee or a drink of water or go for a walk.  Your mind is pacing the halls of possible solutions.  You check you facebook, twitter and email.  There it is!  In this particular case it was Pinterest.  Someone answered a comment on a photo I saw months ago.  In the photo was the answer to my painting dilemma .  I went with it.  Problem solved!
Above is a sneak preview of my next painting.  It’s not finished , I’m just letting you see a small corner.  Hopefully I can post the whole painting by the weekend.  Thanks for stopping by!




5 comments on “That Moment

  1. thank you Kevin for sharing your thoughts and talents with us today. Looking forward to your next posting. Don’t give up…it will come…

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