As We See It

“The World is as We see it” was posted on the office wall of one of the bosses I used to have. I never talked to her about what it meant but I often thought about it. Is the world around us really as we see it or is it what it is in a scientific sense?  The cherry jam I ate on my toast this morning ( yum) was not blueberry even if I imagined it to be. At first I balked at the statement but more and more I see there is a truth there especially for artists ( writers, musicians, etc).
I think the meaning is in our attitude perhaps.  Events and things around us cannot be affected by wishful thinking in a direct sense but our desires and hopes do have an impact on ourselves and others around us such that the world becomes more as we see it sometimes than not.  Anyone with a goal knows you have to envision the goal in order to discover the steps toward that goal. How many times do we see the world as full of Volkswagen beetles while playing a game of Punch Buggy-No Return.  If we focus on beauty  then beauty will be seen where ugliness used to live alone. Of course some things are just plain ugly…like racism for example; or hate. If only the racist would see everyone as equal then the world might be less ugly.
Art too is subject to the ” as we see it”  principle.  It’s in it’s subjectivity that people find real, felt meaning and emotion. Even realistic art,  as in Photo-realistic paintings, are themselves only an interpretation of the real thing.  They too are just unreal filters of what we perceive to be real.
Well enough musing on this.  Here is the finished painting which features dandelions with red leaves, I kid you not, and daylight colours with a bright, full moon!  Is this how I see the world?  Maybe so.  Hey, was the sign posted on the office really there as I saw it? – what if it were in a different language?- or was it just the meaning that was there? or…okay enough philosophizing and back to work.  Time to paint the next in the series.  Thanks for visiting!




10 comments on “As We See It

  1. you never cease to amaze me with your thoughts and ideas. I enjoy reading them for their content and interest but also because they are from “you”. Wishing you and your family a most wonderful Easter weekend remembering that it isn’t all about the chocolate bunny…

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