Of Sound Mind…so far


Here are some shots of my work-in-progress which I plan and hope will be the beginning of a new series of paintings.  These past few weeks have been rough as I have endured some intense facial pain of which no one is really certain of the cause.  A revisit to the dentist shows no infection and yet a salivary duct in my cheek remains slightly swollen.  However I am, for now, pain free and have a return appointment with a specialist next month.  So far so good.  Okay enough of my personal life to bore you. I remain excited about the potential for this new series.
Before finishing the background I traced the drawing of the plant-life in case some of it got lost during the painting process.  I used a 2B soft pencil for the trace.  This means I don’t have to worry about losing the original drawing as I slap on some paint.
ChalkTraceAfter The background was painted I placed the drawing back on the painting.  The drawing has a chalk pastel ( in this case yellow) outline on the underside as you can see.  Retracing over the drawing will, of course, leave a trace of the drawing onto the painting. (Just as a point of interest I am not using Americana paint for this project.  I’m using Windsor and Newton Galeria fine art acrylics in tubes)
Okay Thanks for visiting and I hope to post the finished painting next time.  Bye!


One comment on “Of Sound Mind…so far

  1. Just a quick note to say I got your most recent e-mail on your art work but also very pleased to get your update on your health. We are interested and care for your health and that of your family so you aren’t boring us. Concern means caring and we truly do care for you and your family. Let us know how you make out with the specialist. Love Barb and Brenton xoxo

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