Downtime beCame Uptime


Above is a new work in process which may be come a new series.  Keep you posted!

Yeah I’m playing on the David Wilcox title of similar name. My apologies right off if this post seems more ….I can’t even think of the word!  Confusing maybe?
I’ve been dealing with an inflamed Parotid duct which is part  of the salivary glands in your cheek. Painful?  Very.  It all began with an infected molar for which I had no idea or pain.  The molar is fixed but apparently the infection spread into the gland.  After ten days on Ibuprofin to try to reduce the inflammation it was then decided that Penicillin was in order.  Trust me.  I dislike antibiotics and it’s effects on one’s system by killing off good bacteria. Naturally an appointment with an ENT specialist is in the works.
(UPDATE: Since I wrote this a few days ago things have improved and I have been to the ENT specialist)
 Anyways, of course pain can get you down and tire you out.  It’s a definite  roadblock to feeling like working or painting. However I thought maybe I could benefit from some downtime uploads.  Youtube to be specific.  Maybe it’s just because I’m closer to the further end of the age spectrum but I don’t automatically think- YouTube!  A lot of well meaning and wonderful people upload inspiring, educational, informative and down right helpful videos!  It’s a virtual trove of art treasures.  So here are a few names and videos I found helpful:

Cedar Lee  She has  a lot of helpful tips on a wide range of topics for beginners to intermediate artists.  Things like building a body of work, to pricing,inspiration, etc.

Natasha Wescoat A kind of rags-to-riches story of a struggling young family.  Natasha begins selling her art on Ebay and now has become a 6 figure earning force  on her own. Raised in a strict religious environment, both shy and un-social she manages to master social media to become an art business guru-ess.

Alyson Stanfield Short but helpful list of 5 things artists do wrong when trying to sell their work.

Paul Klein Inspirational and somewhat practical




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