Raise My Glass…hold the ice please

Boatsandypt2014Here in Nova Scotia we’ve been pummeled with one snow storm after another.  It shouldn’t be such a surprise I suppose since it’s been this way before the first settlers, be they  Native American/First Nations or European.  The Maritimes are known for predictably unpredictable weather.
One can view the snow  like the first Europeans here viewed the trees and forests: something to be plowed away to make room for fertile , usable ground. On the other hand some winter enthusiasts see the snow as a means to sport and fun.  Actually both views are correct.  It depends on your situation. unless you have no need to go outside and get to a job or obtain flour ,dried beans, coffee, sugar and other basic provisions then you’re fine but when the cupboards get bare and the medicine cabinet wants then snow isn’t so much fun…at least in my opinion.
Then there’s the cold..C.O.L.D.  as in temperature. The temperature can literally be 9 to 10 above 0 celsius  (50 F) and then drop to  10 – 15 below C (about -14 F) within 24 hours!  This is often accompanied by atrocious wind that makes it feel ( wind chill factor) twice as cold.  All this being said ( grumbled) the snow is beautiful when it lays still on the ground and flocks heavily laden trees.  To come in to a warm room on such a day makes one truly thankful.
To commemorate Summer, though, I have included a painting of a boat I did a few years back. It was purchased from me by Mom -in-Law who has always been a great supporter of my work and family , of course.
They say that colours are more brilliant shortly after a rain.  In the same way Spring and Summer are dearly appreciated here in Nova Scotia succeeding Winter.  The painting is based on a small fishing boat beside a wharf in Jordan Bay ( Sandy Point, Shelburne County NS).  A trip around Sandy Pt. Rd reveals much natural beauty ( painting of Sandy Point Lighthouse).  If you’re willing and able to go off the beaten path a little you can enjoy breath-taking maritime coastlines.
So, here’s to Summer…no hard feelings Winter…

7 comments on “Raise My Glass…hold the ice please

  1. I am so very honored to have this painting in my home to remind me of the very talented and well-spoken son-in-law that I have. One day I hope to have one or two more that will remind me of the beauty within our own Province and it’s birds of nature and also of the many gifts and talents that you so graciously share with us who appreciate your fine works. I so enjoy your readings and artistic talents. Don’t ever let anyone discourage you from the things you love most.

    • Always appreciate your comments Elena! Thank you. I have a higher resolution photo of the painting which makes the waves less blurry but I’m a little leary of posting good pics and I don’t like watermarks much. Thanks again!

  2. hi kevin. very nice picture. then again all of your pictures are very nice. i view winter thru the eyes of a farmer and a naturalist. it is a necessity , to keep the order of things running smoothly. the sno protects the land and replenishes the water table when it melts. the cold keeps insects and deseases at bay. the ice and sno gives us another season to play and have wonderful out side adventures and games in. i love living here in the maritimes with our 4 seasons. keep up the good work kevin. bubby.

    • Thanks for your comments Bubby! Yes, I too was thinking of how dependent our natural environment is on our climate here. We really do benefit from it in all the ways you said. Excellent points!
      I’m still not so keen on the wind sometimes, though ha ha!

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