The Art Of Art Lee ( In Loving Memory of…)



This summer I lost a good friend and fellow artist.  He was only 59 and yes it was caused by the dreaded ‘C’ Word. Life is not easy to understand sometimes. 

I met Art Lee just over 20 years ago.  Him and his wife were especially kind to me and mine.  He loved music and art, hockey and some football but most of all he loved his family.  There’s much more, as you could guess, that could be said of such a person; wonderful things that have already been thought and spoken.  Right now I am pausing to share some of his work with you that a bit of him will live on in all those that view this post. These are perhaps not all his best work.  These are pictures I took for my art gallery a few years ago.  


One of the last words he spoke to me in the hospital, as he held two of my paintings,was “…if only ya had the time.. “ They weren’t spoken in a tone of regret but of insatiate interest, as if to say in wonderment, ” oh, what one could do if they only had the time.”  I’d like to think he was getting a glimpse of that eternal “time” where he can create forever.   I’d say “Rest in Peace,  Art”  but I know he’d rather be working, painting…


Deserted by Arthur Lee

4 comments on “The Art Of Art Lee ( In Loving Memory of…)

  1. Kevin he was so fortunate to have a caring friend like you to pay tribute to him, his friendship, and his artistic talent. Beautiful paintings and your friend Arthur will be forever painting in his eternal home…excellent words of your friendship and feelings for him…

  2. I am sorry to read about your friend but I enjoy to read how you write about your friend which is great spirit of good friendship. And what a great artist he was.

    • Thank you for your words. He would appreciate your thoughts too because he liked having people enjoy his work. He actually gave me the painting of the boat called Deserted as something to remember him by. Take care.

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