Be Somebody

sandypointWP*Last week I had to say goodbye to an uncle that not only I loved  but was loved by everyone that knew him.  He was 85 and lived a good life. He was always content and enjoyed the simple things of life.  He had a wonderful wife and even though they had no children,  his home, his family was anyone who walked through his door.

A funeral, even a good one, has a way of readjusting your thinking but even before this I was starting to think about the small things that really matter in life.  It’s cliche isn’t it to say it’s the little things we take for granted that really matter.  My uncle was a short man, stature wise, but as one of the eulogists said he was a giant of a man.

Last  night I saw Man of Steel, the new Superman movie.  It was an impressive and yet beautiful cinematic interpretation I thought. One scene that stuck with me was when Superman was only 9 years old and his heightened senses of the world around him were difficult to cope with.  Clark, aka Superman, exclaimed to his mother, “The world’s too big, Mom”   Her answer was, “Then make it small…”

Even though we lack ‘superpowers’ we are inclined to focus on the big and the grandiose.  Our goals as artists and creative people is to be known and appreciated by many; the more the better.  Often though, it’s the few who know us best and the few that really care.

In the struggle to be known and in the struggle to sell, while keeping our eyes on the big goal- the big idea, don’t forget the real.  Don’t forget that fans will disappear and accolades will fade into the distance but the life we live around those that love us will remain.  They are the ones who will remember our words and actions.  If your plans for fame or even comfortable success as an artist should fail your reach then take heart,  as a recent song lyric says,**”Sometimes a dream don’t come true…”, then take it in stride, keep creating and remember it’s who you are in what you do.

I’m not saying success is wrong or accomplishment is evil.  I’m saying it’s your character and how you treat others that will be remembered far more than your masterpiece.  Your life, not your works, is your masterpiece.

* Written July 11, 2013
** The Way it Was by The Killers

8 comments on “Be Somebody

  1. A wonderful tribute to your Uncle Kevin and he would have been so proud to know that you thought these fine thoughts of him. He obviously made an impression in your life and it is so true that we the only book people will read is what we present to others. I appreciated the reading and the painting and most of all “you”…Love Barb

  2. Hi Kevin , you don’t know me – but I sure enjoyed some pies that Beth made on ” the South Shore pie run ” ! What beautiful and ” heart felt ” written words about your Uncle. You have left a wonderful testimony of the positive impact he’s left on your life. Your picture is beautiful – luvv the beach and lighthouses. Your Uncle was fortunate to have such a caring and articulate Nephew , Anne Dejeet , Bridgewater

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