Get What You Deserve


                                                                                                                                                                           Halls Harbour, NS

There’s a question that has plagued me for years:  Do we get what we deserve or do we get what we want in life? Better yet, do we get either? Do you dream of being a famous artist or would you, like most, be happy to make a living at it?

As we get older, life experiences tend to pile up behind us and we reflect on whether or not we got what we wanted or got what we deserved or  if the two even came close. Of course I can really only speak from my own experience and from observation.  One can learn a lot from observation.  Basically we can learn from the lives of other artists, other people in general.

They say if life gives you lemons then make lemonade.  It’s also true that if life’s slot machine gives you three lemons then there’s no lemonade for you. Mixed metaphors, perhaps but it is true that life is unpredictable.  Yet if we don’t chart a course then , chances are, we miss our destination altogether.

Do we ever get what we deserve?  I don’t think so.  Here’s why. Sometimes the criminal gets away.  Sometimes the innocent child gets caught in the crossfire.

Sometimes our hard work pays off and sometimes it doesn’t. Whether we get what we deserve or not is sometimes largely out of our hands.  However the good news is that sometimes and maybe even often…we get what we want!

Really it’s not a bad twist on a Stones classic. Sometimes we do get what we want.

The next time you’re sitting and pouting in front of that ruined canvas or crashed laptop or whatever because you felt you just didn’t get what you deserved then start listing the things you did get that you wanted!

Recounting from my experience, as well, that a long time ago I wanted an SLR 35mm camera but at the time did not have the means.  Eventually the years passed and we had our first child (some thing I wanted) and my wife and I invested in a good camera to save memorable moments.  Later on I was able to buy second hand but good quality lenses ( fish eye and telescopic).  I did get something I wanted. Even more importantly, over 11 years ago, my wife got ovarian cancer and I wanted her.  I wanted her to be with me longer and experience together the raising of our children.  Sure that can all be taken away in an atomic second.  But sometimes we do get what we want! She’s still here lighting up my life with her smile.

As an artist have you asked yourself not what do I deserve but what do I want ? You should.

If it’s a good and worthwhile goal then go for it!  Set goals, assess, adapt, persevere and enjoy it as best you can.

You may just get what you want.


10 comments on “Get What You Deserve

  1. Nice topic! Well, I think it can really depend on the time and the place we are living in whether we get what we deserve, what we want or not. For instance, we all know great artists (e.g. Van Gogh, Beethoven) who only after their death world realized how extraordinary they were. Philosophically, we can also ask if we really deserve what we think we deserve or do we really want what we think we want or not. A wise one once said, it’s about what we give to the world not what world gives to us. Just if want to look at it from different aspects…
    At the end, I think whether we get what we deserve/ want or not, we shouldn’t give up anyway.
    I hope your wife gets better and live much longer. All the best.

    • Yes Thank you for your comment. Perhaps I should have focused a bit on what is a “good and worthwhile goal”. Your comment has helped to balance what I was saying , indeed! As you know I didn’t intend to make it all about the self,ego or the Id ( if you believe in that sort of thing). It is also true as you say *it depends on our time and place*. I’m mindful of others who literally eat grass in parts of Africa just to stay alive. My wife has been fine for years and we were granted many years together and hopefully many more. A gracious gift-one I wanted even though I don’t feel I deserve it. I really appreciate your comment. Take care as well.

  2. My whole life is about setting goals and finding a way to make them a reality, and ironically enough I’m from NS. This was the perfect post for me to come across today 🙂

    Bucket List Publications

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