Dark Matter

PeaceBeachWPcroppedDid you know I’m an Intuitive person?  This according to the gospel of Myers-Briggs.  I’ve taken these personality tests before and seem to come up with a slightly different version of myself each time. I wonder which personality profile fits the trait of a changing one?  Psychopath?  Bi-polar?  I shouldn’t joke.

I went for my morning walk/run.  It’s a walk that is interrupted by a brief run across the apple orchard where I live.  After all there is a history of heart disease in my family.  My Dad has survived three heart attacks.

So it’s early, I mean, in the morning.  The forecast is overcast- grey skies.  What light there is, is diffused through a low fog- like atmosphere.  The apple trees this time of year are just thinking of budding; they reveal silhouettes of black, crooked, writhing  branches in this early dawn light.  The road  ahead is littered with charcoal gravel.  Rocks seem even darker with a slight coat of dew.  Ahead of me I can see a single crow or raven in the center of  my path. Its dark yet iridescent image begs me to wonder if this is some kind of harbinger of doom.  I feel like I’m a part of an Edgar Alan Poe lyric.

A neighbor recently lost their home in a fire- getting out with their very lives.  At home, facebook seems a litany of lost loved ones, people fighting cancer; someone posts a cartoon about how they wish Heaven had visiting hours.  I murmur a line of a tune:* “These zombies in the park are looking for my heart…a dark world aches for the splash of the sun…”   Experience and observation have taught me that everyone’s life contains at sometime  the “walking through the valley of the shadow of death” moments.  It’s part of living.

I find comfort in sensing a presence with me especially in these hours. I know it’s not scientific.  Call it Faith or call it silly Superstition.  Science asks the question ‘why’.  Human experience shows time- and time and over- and- over that faith or belief works for some of us.  Some of us need a sense that God, a divine presence is there to get us by. Perhaps I’m one of those people. No disrespect to Atheists or Agnostics.  I won’t call you foolish if you don’t call me silly.

I’m not advocating religion, ritual, suicide bombers or corrupt priests. I’m talking about faith for the rest of us.  The faith we need to get us by.

I think …I believe there is someone there with us.  I believe there is a strength outside of ourselves, so to speak that we can draw on to get us through the tough times.  All I can say is that, for me, God exists.


 After all…I am intuitive.

* Jakes  Cough Syrup


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