These Are the Good Old Days


Nostalgia is a wonderful thing but if it causes one to live in the past, so to speak, it can cast a gloomy, depressive cloud over our shoulder.  The fallacy is that we tend to think of yesterday as better than today or tomorrow. Let’s not be naive.  If one is facing a terrible tragedy in the *now* then yesterday may have been a much better time.  The problem is, the past, whether good or bad, is unreachable ( tardis, excempt of course).

The fact is the  future has the potential for being better no matter how bad the moment may seem.

What does bring someone to the point of deciding for themselves there is no future is only really known to those who are no longer with us. This is a complex topic, I know.  It involves mental health and a myriad of other factors.  No one has a simple answer but we do know that tomorrow has possibilities.  There are numerous stories of seemingly hopeless situations that at the last moment came through with brighter results.  Yes.  There are just as many sad endings but then it’s all about how you played the game ( lived your life) , isn’t it.  Did you give up or go down fighting?  I think we all choose to go out fighting.  Some of us just need or needed a friend to help keep (their) spirits up.

Remember too, that your life may just be the example that someone else is depending on.  If you give up on that painting or your music, writing, etc then why shouldn’t they?

I was thinking of the Carly Simon song that has the line” these are the good old days”.  I realize there were other songs with similar titles or refrains.  It always makes me think not to miss the *now* moments if they are good ones and to remember that tomorrow could be even better.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  However The past is gone and it is a memory. The time we are in and alive right now, no matter our situation, may just be the good old days.  Don’t miss it by dwelling on the past.

The painting of a lighthouse is one I did for a candle company some time ago.  It has a clear blue sky basically for masking purposes.  The blue area would be cut away to make room for label type, etc.

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4 comments on “These Are the Good Old Days

  1. Interesting mix of subject and image. Very haunting. You’re right. I feel nostalgic when I look at lighthouses, yet they represent one of the most difficult and dangerous lives in history, that of the seaman.

    • Thanks. What’s strange is I kept looking at the painting thinking this has nothing to do with what I’m writing. Yet it *felt* right. Thank you for your ‘inspired’ explanation! I knew it was right but didn’t know why.

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