Dusting off the Pixels


Have you ever had a project you’ve put off for a long time; maybe days or months?  What about years?

As well as working on my business ( kevincameron.ca ) my side project for this year is to finally finish compiling a book I created way back in the nineties.  Yes folks that makes me kinda old depending on how young you are. ha.

 So I wrote and drew/painted this children’s story based on a character named Michelle.  The scene above was a test promo painting with the famous Cape Blomidon, Nova Scotia in the background.  The actual story is based in the winter time.  I have all the pages and they are in good condition as I kept them in an acid-free plastic bag.

Wow has technology changed!

The good news is that in the past you almost had to get a publisher to accept your story in order for it to get printed but now you can simply upload your pictures to popular book creation websites. Years ago  this was an expensive process.  I remember an acquaintance  self publishing her colouring book and it cost her thousands to do so.  I think only the front page had full colour , of course.  Back then your only alternative was to outsource the artwork to be printed to an inexpensive overseas printer ( that is, China).  Today , not so. We have the option of ebooks and such.

Although all the pages of my book were scanned in ( some stitched) they were only scanned in low resolution.  Home computers had limited power back then or you had to have one the size of Hal 9000 to copy a book. ( exageration , of course).

My goal this year is to purchase a decent large format scanner ( 11 x 17 will do).  Then I can rescan at a higher resolution and do touch-ups in CorelDraw or Photoshop.

Well, that’s it for now.  Please visit again to see  my progress.  To those younger than I:  You have many more advantages today for self-publishing and reproducing your art.  Sure the competition may be more but , hey, you don’t have to go through a gate-keeper just to publish your stuff.  Get out there ( or in here) and do it !  Have a good one!


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