Cardboard Glitter House

MaltShopmasWPsmYou’re gonna need lots of cardboard for this project!

It all began when  I saw this picture of a little glitter house on the net.  “Wouldn’t it be cool to just build a big one,” I thought!

The redeeming thing about a glitter house is that they are intended to be cheap tiny houses in which a light was inserted through the back or the bottom for Christmas decoration.  This means you don’t need to fuss.  These houses were only a few inches big to begin with. If you do need some good cardboard then take a visit to the back of your local mall (shopping center) where some free cardboard may be had in the recycle dumpster.  Or ask the store managers themselves.  They will be glad to get rid of the excess cardboard this time of year.


These are simple shapes of course.  Simply cut out the size you need and if you need to use more than one piece then use masking tape on the back side to attach the side walls.  I use Jo Sonja’s all purpose sealer and paint it on with a brush first.  This seems to keep the acrylic craft paint from sinking in too deeply and looking washed out. However you will have to do a couple coats of white over the sealer as a base coat.  The little blue strips are cardboard as well.  The ones at the top of the building are folded in half and glued over the edge for strength.  I actually use white glue for gluing as well as a hot glue gun to tack everything in place.  When the white glue finally dries it will be very strong.Malt10smallIn the above photo you can see that I added some areas of snowy glitter.  These are shapes of painted cardboard tacked in place with a hot glue gun.  The shapes are thickly painted with a Gleams acrylic pearlescent paint.  While the pearly paint is still wet I shake some iridescent snow flakes onto it and use a piece of cardboard to gently press them down into the paint.  When the paint dries the flakes are glued to it loosely.

I recommend using low heat/low watt bulbs in the back to avoid risk of fire.


There is a roof on top as well.  I covered this with a holiday snow blanket ( Buffalo Snow).  The doors and windows have yellow cellophane  ( gift basket type) glued to them from behind with strips of cardboard to keep them taut. The signs were just created in CorelDraw and then printed on glossy paper. The Coke logo was just downloaded from the net after a google image search.  In the next post I will share ( as promised) how to make cheap (inexpensive) evergreen trees to go with your glitterhouse ( like in the very top photo).  Plus I have a couple more glitterhouses to show you




6 comments on “Cardboard Glitter House

    • No I didn’t take photos of that one as far as I can remember. All you need to do is sketch out one side and use it as a template for the other side. Guess the width and glue in a floor. Then measure the circumference without the floor. Cut a piece of cardboard the same width of the floor and length you measured. Start at the front of the trailer and glue as you wrap it back toward the rear. Cut out all your front windows and add embellishments. That would be the basics.

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