Painting the repairs…more to follow.

Hi everyone.  This is a quick follow up to the last post, Repairing the Damage as well as a prelude to the final post tomorrow (Hallowe’en night).  As long as this Frankenstorm and Sandy doesn’t knock out my power I will show you the final assembly.  Be careful and be prepared if you can for these storms. Stay safe.


My idea ( for what it’s worth ) was to underpaint the structure with a greenish/aqua tint because the whole thing is based on a 1960’s horror thriller.  The final black, gray ,white ( monochromatic ) finish would be given a slight touch of magenta.  Magenta being that reddish hue we see on old TV sets .  Also the aqua green undertone would help neutralize the reddish hint while hiding the foam pink that any camera flashes might reach in and expose.



It was a little difficult getting the hues to match.  The original grey paint was several years old and you can notice a slight shade of difference.  Here’s a final shot below.

So any ideas or guesses yet as to what movie I may have taken this from?  Don’t be afraid to guess.  After all it’s not like I’ll send Mother after you. Okay.  Tomorrow night then if the weather permits I will show you the entire display.  Maybe it’s just that I have one of those faces you can’t help believing. Another clue , by the way.  Later.


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