Horror Faces of Hallowe’ens Past

Last year on my kevincameron-artist facebook page (cartoonitures) I ran a sort of guessing game of classic faces of the horror genre.  I would show an eye or corner of a mustache, etc and try and get followers to guess the actor.  Most of these were from a time when a lot of horror films still held that good wins over evil or there was a lesson to be learned of mistakes we as humans often make in arrogance and ignorant pride.  Sure there was always  camp and B-movies and there always will be. They can be fun too!

Well I hope you can enjoy these .  Oh and the ‘hair-thing’ is just a little personal cartoony touch.  I’ll be posting before Hallowe’en more of the display I’ve been repairing and re-assembling.  Hope you’ll visit again.  P.S.  Some were done in charcoal, some in pastel and some with watercolour.


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