Repairing the damage…

As mentioned in the previous post a family of racoons destroyed an old Halloween display of mine and I thought it was time to bring it all back to life.  There is much more to the display of course and I will keep you updated up until October 31st. Below is a montage of the restoration work.

The rock stairs were originally made out of Celfort insulation.  The pieces are glued with a hot glue gun ( which will melt the foam so don’t overdo it.)  I used an acrylic texture medium to fill in the cracks. The foam can be carved with a Dremel like tool.  I added little erosion marks and lines and rounded the edges.  Use a mask to prevent dust inhalation.  I just have mine off for the photos.

Any ideas yet as to what this stone stairway was part of?  Hint: It was from a 1960’s famous suspense, horror thriller.


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