Stairway to …?

One of my really recent projects I’ve named “Restoring a Classic”.  This is not because I think my work  itself a classic but that it was based on a classic thriller movie.

Originally it was  part of a Hallowe’en  window display for a store and had much success.  I’ll show you those photos in time.

What did happen eventually was that the set got stored away for years and fell into disrepair. This was aided by a family of cute raccoons that moved into the shed. They seemed to ignore the hours of craftsmanship and went instead for the benefits of hard foam ( Cellfort) in winterizing their new home.  In other words this is how the damage was done. You can see the destruction of the first three steps in the pictures below.


This is not the entire display of course.  There was much more built and I hope to rebuild it all and post the photos before October 31st.  Can you guess which movie these stairs are from?  More clues in the next post.


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