More Fifties!

Well it was my 24th Wedding Anniversary on Monday past.  I couldn’t help but think about how it was for my in-laws when they had their 50th Anniversary in 2007.  I wondered too if any one planned a party for us in 2038 if the eighties would seem as cool as the fifties. Not really sure I want to see the mullet again or broad shouldered suit coats, etc. Anyways …here are some more photos from the 5oth Anniversary which included things that I got to design and build…or paint…or print…what FUN!

My Father-in-law had been in the Royal Canadian Air Force.


So it seemed a good idea to make him a poster from the Fifties with his face (from the Fifties) on it.  The original was a scan I did from a book.  Next it was Taken into Corel software and the fun began.  One of his wedding photos was masked and cropped as you can see on the right.  Some adjustments were made to the tone, etc and then by over-saturating the image in the red I was able to get some manly skin tones in there.  I think the poster was 18 X24 but I can’t remember.  He seemed really taken with it! (As you can see from the video link below)

More photos on the use of prints that I designed below. The Elvis and  50ft Woman posters were store bought 





The Burgers and Fries were T-shirt  iron -ons that I made for some of us wearing white Tees. The Tv shaped posters were made of metallic bristol board and glued together.  There are little glass mirrors glued to some and silver pipe cleaners for antennae.

Actually Today is their wedding anniversary.  Hard to believe this all took place 5 years ago!  Happy Anniversary Barb and Brenton!


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