Halls Harbour

There once was a Man who told Jokes at the Bay of Fundy.

You could go and hear him every Sunday.

His Lyrics and Rhymes   were good for Local Lore,

Though everyone thought his Humour was really a Tidal Bore!


Tidal Bore.  Do you get it?  I know it needs some work and it’s totally fictional as far as I know. Well I’m a painter not a poet. After all this is kevincameronartist not kevincameronpoet! ha! Anyways..moving right along..

This little painting ( 5 x7)is based on the Bay of Fundy. Quite a few years ago I took a couple of pictures of the old Halls Harbour, Nova Scotia before it got government money to fix it all up for the tourists. It’s still beautiful and much more functional for the boats that come and go there.  However the old version had it’s charm only touched by nature.

Once one is finished then both it and a photo are used to quickly paint another one.  These are just small paintings to go in frames that I finished and decorated. Both will be for sale soon on my Etsy site – OceanSky Crafts. The one on the bottom is almost done.  I’ve got a plastic ziplock bag on the finished one. You know how those slips and spills happen when least expected!

Here  are pictures with two different frames. Do you have a preference?


With a nine volt battery for scale.

I have one  frame with crackle finish and little sea shell in each corner but I don’t have a photo of it. I’ll post it later.

Thanks for viewing!  Visit again soon.


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