Now for something completely different

For me it’s something completely different. There are still some 50’s anniversary stuff to show you but thought it would be nice to break it up with this post. This painting I just completed and it is generally away from my usual Pop art or Fine art style. Yes those are real shells ( well most of them) that are glued with a modeling paste.

This picture shows the relief more.  Basically It started with the idea of starfish representing stars in the sky and the large shell standing in for the moon.  For many years I didn’t think much,in some ways, of folk art.  Nova Scotia is really known for folk art and crafts. My peeve was that folk art threw away all the rules of perspective and the natural mixing of colours.  Now maybe I get it.  It is representational and almost spiritual in some way.

My intention was not to create a folk art piece but to do something different and just break some rules. There is the obvious tip of the hat to Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Also the painting is based on a cottage that we like in Lockeport, Nova Scotia.

Oddly enough I started to listen to 60’s music while painting this. Maybe it can be classed as Folk Pop Art?  What do you think? Well I hope you enjoy it for what it is! Be seein’ ya!


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