One of the Funnest Things I’ve Ever Done!

The  Fifties Invitation I designed for my wife’s parents with a photo from their special day.

It was 1957 and my wife’s parents chose the perfect year to get married.  I say “perfect” because their 50th anniversary would be 2007 and I was there to share it with them.  Well, not just me , of course , but I had the priviledge and honour to take part.  My wife and I hatched the idea that their anniversary should be a reach back to 1957…a kind of time travel, to bring back the feel and excitement of those days.  I was delighted and thrilled to be left in charge of all those decorating and artistic challenges.

One of the first difficulties we would face was secrecy.  This was going to be a surprise.  I’m sure they suspected that their children and  significant others would mark the day with some sort of celebration but they had no idea to what extent it would pose.  To add to this my Mom -in-Law is an inquisitive person.  She intuitively can tell if something’s “up” and likes to be involved instead of sitting back and relaxing.  We knew however that the element of surprise would make it more enjoyable for both of them.  We did manage to keep it secret and it was a huge success!  In these posts I’d like to share with you some of the ideas and things I did to bring us all back to the fifties.  Please remember that all of the family was involved.  This is just the area in which kevincameronartist got involved and it was one of the funnest things I’ve ever did!

The first step was to come up with a kind of branding that would immediately give guests the idea that we were in the Fifties. One of the basic ways to do this is of course through COLOUR .  Fortunately everyone recognizes those fun ‘ice cream’ colours of powder blue and poodle pink that are reminiscent of the times. 

Next I needed  a sort of logo.  Something could be place on random things such as T-Shirts and other decor. This would be done by creating the idea that we were all in a semi-diner setting- a place that people liked to hang out back in the day.  This project required hours of internet searching and viewing posters, ads, book covers, album covers and anything that was ‘fifties’ , particularly 1957.

I’ll tell you more and show more pictures in the next posts. Below:  Just a handful of pictures I downloaded for research.



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