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Etsy Stuff

Well every artist has to eat so I hope you won’t mind me putting in a little plug for some of my stuff now and then.  I just opened my shop at Etsy the other day and am starting with some crafts that I made.  They are handpainted and assembled by yours truly.  The little schooner is based on the Nova Scotian Bluenose, the lighthouse on Peggy’s Cove and the mountain is Cape Blomidon in the Valley of NS.

These are painted a few at a time to speed things up and keep the cost down.  I ship to the USA and Canada and perhaps elsewhere depending on the price of shipping.

I am a resident artist myself.  I’ve painted ( in real life size :^) fishing boats and did all my growing up in both the farms and fishing communities of Nova Scotia.  The climate here is overall pretty good however it can change completely from morning to evening.  In the winter the temperature has gone from 10 above Celsius to 10 below within 24 -30 hours.  The weather is always changing.

There are not a lot of jobs here however it is a great place to live and the people are mostly friendly.

You can check out OCEANSKY CRAFTS here and please check back as I am working on some other crafts to fit in here soon.

These PortHoles ( as I call them) are limited editions because I’m not sure i can get the wicker rings for as low a price as I did originally.  Thanks for reading!


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