John Henry and the Pie Lady

My wife has her own pie making business.  Mostly it has been on a special order basis.  She has baked pies for people from all over and they love it.  Her specialities can be found at   Since I’m the artist/graphic designer in the family I got to design her logo which she loves and uses it on her website and business cards.

Recently she began selling her pies in a local farm market.  This venture has led to a need for a sign.  Our original intention ( and we still may) was to have a vinyl sign created for the space above the refridgeration unit in the store. After inquiring on prices for the sign both locally and online I thought that for the cash spent and for the time it took for the sign to arrive I might as well letter me a sign !

The picture above is the actual finished painted sign.  The one below is the design I made using CorelDraw software.

In American folklore there was a African American hero known as John Henry.  His story marks a transition between an old world and a new modern one of machines.  He was a steel driving man who pitted himself against the modern steam engine hammer to save his job of tunneling through rock for the railway. Painting the sign myself instead of letting modern technology do it reminded me of this story.  Of course John Henry beat the machine but it was too much for his heart and he died.

I of course have no intention of fighting progress.  In fact I used software to design the sign but in this case I thought I would be a little ‘John Henry’ and do it old school.  Besides there is a certain Romantic notion to it don’t you think?!

Below is a real photo of Beth the Pie Lady.  Isn’t she cute!  As for the auburn hair, well just call it artistic liberty!


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