Canada Day

In honour of Canada Day I’m posting this Cartooniture or caricature of three well known Prime Ministers. It’s a drawing I whipped up a several years ago for a live event (which happened to be on Canada Day, of course).

From left to right  we have Brian Mulroney, Paul Martin and John Diefenbaker .  These were drawn  very quickly as a last minute idea.

Below is an old picture from around that time.

This particular gig was at Hennigars Farm Market in Greenwich, Nova Scotia.  I enjoyed meeting and talking to different people as they had their faces drawn.

Just for fun I drew a Cartooniture of our current Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.  I know it’s customary to complain about acting Prime Ministers and then deify them years later but I’ve always tried to avoid this.  However Stephen Harper hasn’t been one of the greatest supporters of art culture in Canada.  Ah but it’s Canada Day and I don’t want to taint the spirit of celebration. Besides a picture is worth a thousand words they say. So here is that sketch of Harper as mentioned.  Really I am thankful to live in a country where we can at least attempt to live in peace and toleration,  have the freedom to pursue our desires,  and caricature our beloved leaders without the threat of a hanging.  That’s something! ha ha Happy Canada Day everyone!


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