These Are the Voyages

Recently there was some health concerns with my Dad which turned out okay.

It was during this time that the above painting was in the works.  A good time to reflect and think of ‘childhood’ fun that has stayed with me right into adulthood. Seeing Star Trek T.O.S. for the first time on TV in syndicate way back in the 70’s got my imagination to soar to new heights.  I loved the adventure, the dialogue, the camaraderie and the cool tech gadgets. I’ve always been a scifi fan and loved movies.  This comes mostly from my Mom. She would make pizza on Saturday nights and me, my brother and my parents would watch Space 1999 relying only on our VHF antenna ( no cable or internet back then.)

 Here are a few photos of the painting along the way.  The large red planet was created by laying down plastic wrap over the paint, smooshing it around and then lifting it away. The nebula effect was created by laying the painting down flat and mixing very wet, watery paint and letting it ‘run’ on it’s own.  Of course the brush was used some to guide it around. Tiny stars were created using an old toothbrush.  Load the tooth brush with wet white or light blue paint and then by rubbing your thumb across the hairs small spatters of paint will spray out onto the canvas.  Practice first on a board or paper.

My intention with this painting was to mimic the book/novel illustration feel from years ago.




If you have any questions about it then let me know.

Thanks for reading!



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